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Hand carved Santas - Carved Santas - Hand carved Santas - Carved Santas


Wholesale Terms

If you are a shop owner looking for a proven line of hand carved or American Patriotic Santas we would love to hear from you.

Wholesale terms are as follows:
1. Full payment and insured postage in advance for the first order with any new wholesale client.
2. Minimum order for wholesale pricing is 10 carvings.
3. Pricing is 30% below our displayed retail site.

Sorry, we do not place our hand carved Santas on consignment.

If you have a specific style of wooden carved Santa or if Santas holding certain objects are popular with your clientele, we're always happy to carve and paint Santas to your specifications. We produce carved Santas with regional items for several wholesale customers. Santas sporting tartans, patriotic colours and patterns are always popular.


Hand carved wooden Santas - wood Carved Santas - Hand carved Santas - Carved Santas