Option A
Certified Cheque or Money Order

For a single purchase please see the amount shown on the description page for each carving. For multiple purchases please contact us to get the correct postage before making out your cheque or money order.

Be sure to provide your full name, mailing address, telephone number and the item number each carving in a note accompanying your cashiers cheque or money order.

If you live in the USA, please remember to get a money order that is cashable in Canada.

Our mailing address is:

Sandy Hellard
PO Box 1322
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
B0J 2C0


Option B
Credit Card Payments

PayPal is a well established secure service enabling people to pay for goods and services using credit cards on the Internet without paying any fee.

Best of all, it's free for buyers!!!
We pay all service charges.


To make your credit card payment
just click the link above.



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Hand carved Santas - Carved Santas - Hand carved Santas - Carved Santas


Please read instructions carefully and remember to add the correct postage whichever method of payment you choose. If you are purchasing a single carving the postage is listed on the page with the description. If purchasing more than one carving, please contact us for postage before completing your purchase.

Hand carved wooden Santas - wood Carved Santas - Hand carved Santas - Carved Santas