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Hand carved Old World Santas, Patriotic Santas and Folk Art

Sandy Hellard

I love Santa Claus. It's a good thing too because I spend most evenings carving my one-of-a-kind Santas out of 2x2 lumber. I use a simple carving knife, a small v-tool and a surgeons scalpel. I am fortunate enough to live in the beautiful UNESCO Heritage Town of Lunenburg in Nova Scotia, having moved here from Toronto in 1999.

My carvings have been purchased by Santa lovers and collectors across North America through this website, through a select few retail outlets.

I strive to keep all of my carvings recognizable as my own while changing them subtly from time to time to keep them "fresh" and unique. I welcome your suggestions. Please feel free to write with them and/or with requests for custom carvings.

I hope you enjoy viewing my hand carved Santas half as much as I enjoy carving them.